Thursday, August 2, 2007

Stevens Igloo Raided By IRS and FBI

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A coordinated effort by the Justice Department, IRS, and the FBI resulted in the raiding of Alaska Senator’s Ted Stevens newly remodeled igloo earlier this week.

Federal officials are investigating missing funds distributed by the Senate Appropriations Committee, which Stevens has either been the chairman of, or Senior Republican on, since being appointed by U.S. Grant in 1866.

The main focus of the investigation is where money obtained for the non-profit Alaska SeaLife Center, started after the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, was spent. Authorities are investigating if that money went to oil field services contractor Bill Allen who oversaw a construction project that doubled the size of Stevens’ igloo after his ill-advised purchase of a Jacuzzi in 2000.

Trevor McCabe, a former legislative director for Stevens, received almost $700,000 of this money for doing questionable work for SeaLife. McCabe, according to life partner Mrs. Miller, was unavailable to comment.

Stevens defended his action in a often-combative press conference on Capitol Hill. The Senior Senator claimed that Alaskans have given him the power to do whatever he feels necessary with public funds because: “I am Alaska. My left arm is the untamed wild lands, my right arm is the tamed civilized land, my mind is the midnight sun, my heart is the eternal darkness, and my Little Teddy is the Alaskan pipeline!”

As Stevens conducted the press conference unlucky federal investigators searched the Stevens’ compound’s ice holes and caribou herd’s orifices.

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