Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dodd Rules Out VP Seat

Dodd Rules Out VP Seat

By Ted Gay

Chris Dodd, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he would not accept an offer to become vice president on another contender’s ticket.

Democratic front-runner Hilary Clinton, when informed of Dodd’s statement, said: “Who?”

Clinton’s closest competitor, Illinois Congressman Barak Obama, said that Dodd was on his vice presidential list, one space below Scooter Libby and two spaces above Osama Bin Laden.

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean said that Dodd might be a viable vice presidential candidate if everything west of Pennsylvania and south of Maryland was sucked into a giant sinkhole.

At the end of the interview Dodd told Blitzer that he anticipated being the parties’ nominee. Unaware that his mike was on Blitzer chastised Dodd for appearing on his show while drunk.

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