Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Washington to Replace Farfour on Hamas TV

Actor Isaiah Washington, fired from “Grey Anatomy for making homosexual slurs, has been hired by Hamas run Aqsa TV to replace recently martyred mouse character Farfour on “Pioneer of Tomorrow.”

“Thank God I can finally work for a network that is not intolerant of bigotry,” Washington said. “I know I have been typecast as faggot hating, but I can expand my range to Jew hating as well.

“It’s great to work at a place where, instead of faggots getting contract extensions, they get beheaded,” Washington said.

The show will be built around Washington’s character, a bomb maker, currently named Dr. Chemical Ali Boom-Boom Washington. Talent scouts are currently peeking under burbkas in the West Bank looking for a love interest to be named Dr Christina Bang. “She’s has commitment issues,” Washington said. “I strap her in a bomb and have her meet me at the Synagogue but then I realize she can’t go through with the detonation. It’s very moving.”

Hamas is trying to lure Mel Gibson to play Washington’s bitter grandfather who still holds the papers to the family land in Tel Aviv. One stumbling block is that Gibson wants the show to be filmed in Yiddish, and he would like Israel cleared of all Jews before shooting begins. Producer Ali Hamin Spielberg stated, “If all the Jews left Israel it kind of takes the oomph out of the show.”

The show will still have children’s characters including Sheik Goofy, who keeps blowing up cars in the wrong spot, Minnie Farfour, who is bent on martyring herself after the death of her husband, and Pluto, a militant dog filled with hatred because he is no longer a planet.

Washington expects the show to be a big hit with kids who want to die.

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