Sunday, June 17, 2007

Of Bush, Hamas and John Lennon

Is the reason the world is in such a mess is because President W spent (a) too much time listening to John Lennon, and (b) not getting any of the words right. Reports from the East Wing of the White House are that the President sings "All You Need is Democracy / Everybody!/ All You Need is Democracy" while in the shower.

Bush did decree this on the Palestinians when he brought democracy to them at gunpoint. Then he forgot to tell them who to vote for. Imagine if his Governor Brother had done that in 2000?

President W thought if he brought power to the people they would give give peace a chance and it would be just like starting over for the Middle East, The hard times are over he thought. Instead Palestinians gave their support to a militant terrorist organization leaving President W feeling crippled inside.

Fifteen months later Hamas is in control of the President’s office in Gaza, but instead of by vote it was done by gunpoint.

Meanwhile what is left of Mahmoud Abbas’ government has fled to the West Bank, trying to reform, as did Jefferson Davis when he fled to Mississippi. One has to believe that they are the mice allowed to stay alive while the cat attends to other business, living breath to breath, until suddenly: pounce!

Meanwhile our President searches for Palestine on a map, and asks how a civil war can break out in a country that does not exist, like a baseball team having a fight in the visitor’s dugout.

President W. who, as a boy told his Dad I don't want to be a soldier looked for others to help him clean his mess. He demanded that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arm the Fatah government to stop the terrorists before we had to fight them here.

Olmert told the President such a move would be foolish. If we arm our enemy’s enemy, then, if they are over run, those arms will be used against us, and, since Fatah is still our enemy, even if they are victorious, what is to stop them from still using those weapons on us?

President W, who has authorized the supplying of weapons to the Sunnis, who, supposedly, would help quell the Shiite militias, felt instant karma hit him right in the face. The man who could not imagine planes flying into the World Trade Center (after he had been told it possible) or the levees breaking (when he was told it was probable) had never seen the danger in arming our enemies.

President W stays in the White House living in the same isolation as Abbas on the West Bank. W is left wondering how it all went so wrong, when all he ever did was listen to God.

The question the world has for President W is how do you sleep?

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